Educational Project

We wish that every child feels welcomed and accepted within our school, which has to be a pleasant place to grow, surprising and stimulate the intellectual, physical, social and emotional. We believe that in order to provide this opportunity to every child unique, special and in need of a look that can read and accept his uniqueness in a global vision, the educational approach should not totally rely on a unique and specific method, but must have one careful look at different educational theories, through which to realize an educational approach, respectful of each child.

Theories Elionor Goldschmied: this note British educationist has offered innovative education content, such as involvement of the family unit in school life, the introduction of the “person” of the child in her class and the concept of autonomy which means for a full expression of himself.

Gardner’s multiple intelligences: the innovative proposal of the American neuropsychologist is to consider groundless the old idea of intelligence as a factor unit, and replace it with a more dynamic and complex concept, which takes into account all aspects of the functioning of the individual in its entirety. Every human being is the bearer of the different forms of intelligence, having a more developed. The school must be able to respect the different forms of intelligence to allow each child to trace the stimulation offered, the elements that are able to activate its own form of intelligence.

Every day we stimulate three different forms of intelligence, in order to activate the global development and harmonious child.